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What Buddhism, Wicca, and Christianity All Have In Common

Updated: Oct 2, 2022

In our recent episode on charismatic christianity and deliverance ministry, Emma shared some of her experiences with supernatural encounters and practices in other religions:

I feel like I'm still putting the pieces together of what the timeline of deconstruction looks like for me, but I think that leaning more into the charismatic space is actually what helped me to be able to deconstruct. It pushed me to question what I believed because practices like healing, speaking in tongues, and prophecy were all new to me.

It also made me realize how much Christianity is similar to other religions. There's so many other religions that also practice healing or have an idea of a spiritual world. I've attended Hare Krishna churches where they fall out in the spirit. I've attended Buddhist services where they meditate and they commune with the divine. So much of what we’re talking about even sounds like witchcraft or a Wiccan practice. Going to those places of worship and experiencing them kind of gave me permission to open myself up to these practices.

We're actually so close to these religions, and these similarities led me toward what I would now call a Christ-centered-universalism. I still value the teachings of Christ so much, that's the framework that I come from, but how can I say that these religions are all that different?

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