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Why the Christian Church is Silent About Smoking Weed

This week, the Woman Beings are finally taking a stab at the Cannabis debate, read below for a little insight to what they think about how the Christian church handles it.

Kelley: I feel like this is a hot take, but we in the church approach drugs very similarly to purity culture. We’re like “Sex before marriage? Absolutely not. There's no spectrum. You will not. And all of these other things are gateways into a lustful experience with somebody. So, don't hold hands, and avoid the horizontal position.” If you inch too close to whatever is actually really bad, you will open yourself up to something that could be questionable.

Kelly Anne: Yeah. It’s the “leave room for Jesus” idea, you’ll give the devil a foothold. Don't do it.

Kelley: The devil is outside your door. He's waiting. He's trying to attack you.

Emma: And it's this prohibition style argument that truly doesn't work. It’s not effective. We've seen evidence of that across the spectrum. When it comes to dealing with substances or activity, prohibiting things doesn't work in the way that I think Christians, and even our government, think that it will.

Kelly Anne: Totally. Yeah. I completely agree with you.

To hear some more hot takes from the Woman Beings on cannabis, listen to the rest of the episode here.

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